NBG-Neustädter Baustoffhandels GmbH

address: NBG-Neustädter Baustoffhandels GmbH, Siebenhitzer Str.8, 08223 Neustadt

contact person: Michael Schindling

department: senior management

phone: +49 (0)3745 / 72902
fax: +49 (0)3745 / 73906

e-mail: nbg@nbg-recycling.de

website: www.nbg-recycling.de


certified waste management company

Goods Receiving

type of accepted materials:
a.) by fractions:

post-consumer rigid PVC single type materials
post-consumer rigid PVC mixed
post-consumer rigid PVC contaminated

post-industrial rigid PVC single type materials
post-industrial rigid PVC mixed
post-industrial rigid PVC contaminated

b.) by type of waste and origin (production/usage):

form of accepting:

minimum quantity (in t):

special notes (delivery times e.g.):



post-consumer rigid PVC regrind
post-industrial rigid PVC regrind

Trade of secondary raw materials

trade in: